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Spacebattles/SufficientVelocity bug fixed

Hi all, Omnibuser has been having some trouble with large SB/SV stories lately, due to an update those sites made to how they display threadmarks. That should be fixed now. Thanks to everyone who contacted me about the issue, and sorry it took so long to sort out! I haven't worked on Omnibuser in about a year so I had to set some time aside to get it all set up again on my laptop and re-acquaint myself with how this thing even works. The code... My god the code it so awful. What was I thinking??

Omnibuser 1.1 Release Notes

Update 1.1 is finally ready, which means lots of new features and improvements! Thanks to everyone who has been using the site so far, and especially thank you to everyone who has given feedback. Please keep the feedback coming - with so many changes this update there are bound to be bugs I didn't catch.


Bugfixes & Tweaks