August 3rd, 2020 - Omnibuser has retired

Today I received some alerts that Omnibuser was not working. I could spend an afternoon diagnosing and fixing the issue, like I have many times before. But I’m not going to. My life has changed a lot since I first released Omnibuser, mostly for the better, and the most important difference is that I’m a lot busier now. I no longer have very many free afternoons to spare, and when I do I have more important things to spend them on.

So I’m pulling the plug on Omnibuser. I’d been thinking about doing this soon anyway, since it costs a lot to host and that was getting increasingly hard to justify. The breakdown today has just moved my schedule up.

I’m sorry to no longer be able to provide this service. I hope everyone who used Omnibuser is able to find suitable replacements. The source code will remain available on Github if anyone wants to try and resurrect Omnibuser - if so I wish them the best of luck, although I can’t promise I will be quick to respond to emails.

So long and stay safe,